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My name is Becky Barca-Tinus and I have  been playing the violin since age two. I was first introduced to the violin through Harwich Little Fiddlers, a violin program that was taught within the public schools, and one in which my four older siblings were involved. Through my school age years I studied violin with Carol Sykes and was a member of Young People's String Consort.  In 1985 I continued my musical education at Ithaca College. While there I studied with Philip Clark, Linda Case and my mentor, Pamela Gearhart.

I have been teaching since I was 16 years old and I believe that to be a good teacher you must learn from your students as much as they learn from you.

Work Experience:

1991- Moved to Martha’s Vineyard with my husband Michael. Together we began teaching in the school systems and performing for various events and social occasions.

1991- Became a consultant and co-teacher to the Harwich String program run by Kristin Barca and Lauren Milligan.

1991 - Performed in a variety of venues on the Vineyard but most frequently with my husband Michael for weddings and special occasions.

1992-2002- Co-Directed Spring Weekend Fiddle Camp with Lauren Milligan.

1993- Retired from the school system, began a family and ran a private violin studio as well as continuing to consult for the Harwich Program

1998 Introduction to violin for preschoolers through the MVRHS childcare program

1998-2002 Preschool violin teacher for the Rainbow Place Preschool

1999-2002 Preschool teacher at the Rainbow Place

2006 - Chilmark School part-time as their Technology Support Coordinator.

2004-2020 Chilmark Preschool violin teacher

2020-2021 Creation of East Coast Strings during the Covid-19 pandemic

2022-Chilmark Preschool violin teacher

2022 -Return to private teaching


In order to understand the expectations I have for my students I feel it is important for people to  understand why I teach.  I  enjoy the challenge of teaching.  Not all students think alike.  I find it invigorating to find the correct style for each student. I taught my first violin student  when I was sixteen years old. I have taught in Ithaca, NY, East Lansing, Michigan and arrived on Martha’s Vineyard in 1991 to work in the Vineyard schools for three years.

My philosophy of teaching has developed over many years of experience.  It includes using the Suzuki Method, which allows  students to learn through regular listening, repetition, and praise.

As a member of my studio I expect students and their families to be respectful and dedicated.  Students must want to learn, be willing to practice for the amount of time agreed upon with their parents and me, and communicate with me if there are problems or concerns.

Becky Barca-Tinus