Music Marthas Vineyard

Lessons For Strings

Payment Policy:

Class lessons are an integral part of being a member of my studio.  Students are expected to attend these monthly lessons  and are charged for the class whether they attend or not.

Payment  is due at the first lesson of each month for the proceeding lessons of that month.


Students are required to pay for all lessons they are scheduled for.

Lesson Credit:

If cancel the lesson or if  there is a snow day at school or if the road conditions are too dangerous for travel.


      In order to understand the expectations I have for my students I feel it is important for people to  understand why I teach.  I  enjoy the challenge of teaching.  Not all students think alike, therefore I find it invigorating to find the correct style for each student. I taught my first violin student  when I was sixteen years old. I have taught in Ithaca NY, East Lansing Michigan and arrived on Martha’s Vineyard in 1991 to work in the Vineyard Schools for three years. I was a consultant to the Harwich Suzuki program from 1991- 2008.  My philosophy of teaching has developed over many years of experience.  It includes using the Suzuki Method, which allows  students to learn through regular listening, repetition, and praise.

As a member of my studio I expect students and their families to be respectful and dedicated.  Students must want to learn, be willing to practice for the amount of time agreed upon with their parents and me, and communicate with me if there are problems or concerns.

2017 Price List

30min Group Lesson              $15.00

30 min Semi Private               $22.00

Monthly Class Lesson            $25.00

30 min Lesson                          $33.00          

45 min Lessons                       $50.00

60 min Lesson                        $66.00