Music Marthas Vineyard

String Lessons

Materials that are required for lessons:

     1.      All students are required to have an assignment book

     2.     The current Suzuki Book they are studying from

     3.      A practice CD of their current piece

     4.      The current fiddle repertoire they are studying

     5.      Any other music that has been assigned

     6.      An extra set of strings (Dominant Brand is preferred)

     7.      Rosin

     8.      A shoulder rest or sponge

Purchasing Materials:

   From time to time students will need to purchase various materials.  When there are      several students needing to make purchases I often will place the order.

Materials that are suggested for home practice:

A music stand

A practice chart ( I have various ones, please ask if you want one)

A violin stand

A timer or Clock

A device in which to play mp3s or CD’s

Practice Dice

Two music files (1. for current music, 2. for music not currently being used)

Renting or Purchasing an Instrument:

If you have not already made arrangements to rent or buy an instrument there are several options available.  There are times I may also have instruments to rent please let me know if you want to be added to the wish list.  A Winter Rental is $85.00. Vineyard Chamber Society also has instruments available to school age students that may need financial assistance. Johnson Strings is another choice. They rent instruments to many of the Vineyard students and come twice a year to set up new accounts and exchange sizes..  If you are unsure of your child’s size please feel free to call me. When you choose to rent  from Johnson strings you have the security of knowing if the instrument breaks it is repaired for free as part of the rental program, also if your child grows out of their instrument it can be turned in for the new size.


There are many companies that also sell instruments. Before purchasing an instrument it is important to talk to me first.  There are many companies that sell instruments, but they may be of poor quality. There is nothing more frustrating to a student than playing on an instrument that has a poor sound or is set up incorrectly. There are times I also have full size instruments for sale, let me know if you are interested and I can add you to the wish list.

If you do buy, keep in mind you do not have the option of free repairs or growth exchange