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Chilmark Preschool

Currently my Pre-School program is being offered at the Chilmark Preschool as part of their curriculum.

Teaching pre-schooler violin is an invigorating and challenging task for both the student and teacher.  The over all goal is not to produce young virtuosos, instead it is to help nurture young creative minds.  

The Pre-School Program has developed over many years of experience and each year students teach me something new to include. Currently the program has the following elements.

          The Suzuki Method, which allows  students to learn through regular listening, repetition, and praise

          Classroom teacher participation including practicing with small groups of students throughout the week

          Incorporating a literacy piece during violin circle time in order to lengthen students concentration, observation and listening skills

     Working on enhancing small motor coordination through holding and playing the violin.

As children grow their interests change and develop.  This program is designed to introduce them to the different aspects of participating in music either as a musician or an audience member.  My over all goal is that when a pre-schooler graduates, they remember what joy music can offer.

Why learn an instrument at an early age with in a group setting?

Following Directions

     Working on strengthening fine motor skills    

Learning in a group environment    

Expanding the appreciation of music

Building students self-esteem     

Learning how to be an audience member     

Preforming in front of others  

   Listening and retaining

Applying the various skills learned to other aspects of life    

Learning the concept of practicing in order to achieve your goals

Working together to preform one enjoyable sound